Sita & Nena is essentially a project about food, travel, family and love. Thank you for taking the time to be here and you are very welcome to embark on this creative intergenerational culinary adventure.




The purpose of the project is to recover and maintain homemade food by cooking a traditional recipe with members of the family who belong to different generations. Together, Grandma Sita and her granddaughter Nena symbolize these two generations and they will be the protagonists. Taking their personal story as the engine of the project, we expect to empathize with the audience and with the help of the social media, to build a community of family recipes.


The family recipes are the key of Sita & Nena project and ideally, every family that cook and send us their recipes will share it with the rest of the world through our website. The exchange of different traditional recipes introduces us to new flavours, new smells, new skills, to different people, to different cultures in which old and young learn from each other respecting tradition without remaining in the past, but progressing together by the promotion of respect, solidarity and multiculturalism.


The main goal of this project is thus to encourage people to spend time in a kitchen where cultures, generations and local food will be mixed like in a melting pot, conforming in this way what is pursued with the idea of a community of traditional food around the world shared by food lovers.



From Sita & Nena, a deep thank you to the fantastic team, families and everyone who has involved and made this project a reality. Long live home cooking!

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