Danish Seaweed – From the pure Danish nature!

Danish Seaweed – From the pure Danish nature!

🌱🌊 Grandma Sita loves delicious seaweed salad from Denmark produced by Dansk Tang because seaweed in the sea is what fruits and vegetables, shrubs and trees are on land. Seaweeds are super healthy and taste nice!  Luckily with Dansk Tang it is possible to order 20 different types of seaweed, which are delivered twice a week. What are you waiting for eat delicious seaweed foods? 

Seaweed has a high content of important nutrients, minerals, proteins, trace elements, vitamins, healthy fibre and unsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) and very low content of calories. More seaweed on the plate can help prevent many lifestyle diseases.

Seaweeds are super healthy and taste really nice! You can add seaweeds to your soups and salads.

➡️ What can you do with seaweeds? There are therefore endless opportunities to utilize seaweed for both food and all kinds of products within the industry (medicine, cosmetics, fertilizer, animal feed, building materials, textiles, etc.)

🚜 Dansk Tang specialize in delivering fresh seaweed directly from the sea. It is possible to order 20 different types of seaweed, all of which are delivered while they are still wet. All Dansk Tang seaweed products are hand-packed in Nykøbing Sj, Denmark. Find more about it here 👉dansktang.dk


Grandma Sita loves to add seaweeds on veggie stews, a tasty way to enjoy a bowl of warming on a chilly day. 🥣❄️ Actually, you can also add delicious seaweeds to salads. 🥗😋

👉 Check out our soups & salads plant-based recipes. Grandma Sita’s sustainable cuisine is always tasty and cooked from scratch with lots of love. 💚


Growing seaweed is both climate and environmentally friendly, as seaweed accumulates large amounts of CO2 and absorbs nutrients as they grow. Seaweed counteracts oxygen depletion and provides breeding grounds for seafood. A wider production and use of seaweed will benefit both the climate, the biodiversity of the sea and human health.

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