Sita & Nena blends past, present, and future together like the ingredients themselves in order to cook a very delicious meal.

– Grandma Sita –

The exchange of different recipes introduces us to new flavours, new smells, new skills, different people, different cultures in which elders and youngsters learn from each other. The key is respecting the value of food without only remaining in the past, but progressing together by the promotion of respect, solidarity and multiculturalism. Join us on our mission to keep alive culinary heritage 😋

  • FRØKEN JENSENS KOGEBOG // Cookbooks are a great way to really get a handle on the cuisine of a country.  In Denmark the most popular book from the early 20th century was Frøken Jensen’s Kogebog which nowadays still is in Danish kitchens.
    • Follow our Jensen’s challenge: cooking plant-based recipes from the cookbook with seasonal ingredients😋
  • SITA & NENA // Get inspired by Grandma Sita and grandchild Nena intergenerational cuisine, probably one of the best gastro-fusion! Plant-based recipes 💚



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