Forældrenes Børneklub, plant-based meals for little foodies on Saturdays

Forældrenes Børneklub, plant-based meals for little foodies on Saturdays

🌱😋 On Saturday mornings sustainability tastes great because it’s time for Grandma Sita’s green cooking workshops for little foodies at Forældrenes Børneklub, Nordvest.

👩‍🍳 Fun, interactive and friendly cooking workshop where the kids played the main role. Grandma Sita is delighted to share her know-how about sustainable food culture, helpful tips to prevent food waste and ways to practice mindful eating, and overall how to make conscious consumption the number one priority in every household. It’s never too early to build good food habits! 

♻️🛒 All veggies, fruits and bread are incl. in the workshops, which may vary depending on the food surplus, collected weekly by our food suppliers. Inspire action utilizing as much food rescue as possible in order to minimize the food waste in Denmark.

💚 Each time, there’s a different green cooking session with tons of love  – Grandma Sita’s secret ingredient.

  • 🥖 Leftover bread session. We turned leftover bread into funky breakies, original plant-based creation by Grandma Sita. Check out the plant-based recipe here. 👉 🍰 cakes & 🍪 treats
  • 💡 Improv-cooking session. We cooked delicious plant-based salads without a recipe, raw fruits and veggies kids-friendly seasonal food. Check out Grandma Sita’s plant-based recipes here. 👉 🍵 soups & 🥗 salads

➡️ And what is Forældrenes Børneklub?

Forældrenes Børneklub is a diverse community for families with young children, located at Nordvest – Copenhagen. At Forældrenes Børneklub young children get the opportunity to play and learn together, and the parents get to know each other and together create a safe local environment. Activities on Saturday mornings. More about it on foraeldrenesboerneklub


📢🇩🇰 Every year, 814,000 tons of food go into the trash in Denmark and cost Danish society DKK 8.4 billion, this also causes the emission of 1.8 million tonnes of CO2 due to food waste.  

The food waste comes from both producers and food companies, which account for a share of 55 per cent, it comes from consumers, who account for 30 per cent of Denmark’s total food waste and it comes from the service sector and retail, which accounts for 17 per cent. This means that one of the easiest ways to work for a better future is to reduce everyone’s food waste. Read more about it here 👉

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