Sita & Nena is a family culinary adventure. Grandma Sita and her granddaughter Nena, who enjoy sharing time, knowledge and love in the kitchen, across the world. Bon voyage & bon appetit!

INTERVIEW – Galicia TB / Galician Travel Bloggers: galiciatb.com

  •  Where was the first trip that you remember?

Our first trip together was to Brighton (United Kingdom), where we have good friends and Grandma had them eating out of her hand, especially when we were walking around the Royal Pavilion and Brighton Pier… Great moments!


Cooking and travelling are our trademarks, so we cooked a Galician style octopus with boiled potatoes (Galician gastronomy).

For dessert, we dared to bake a carrot cake, one of the most popular cakes over there. When it comes to cooking, we can do everything.

  •  Which essential things do you always carry in your suitcase or backpack?

Well, we always pack a basic chef’s kit (apron, measuring cups, wooden spoon, recipe note book and blender), a good first aid kit and a medical insurance (just in case). Then a travel pillow, blanket and eye mask (best for long naps), also a plug adapter and mobile phone (always connected to our homeland).


Additionally a raincoat, umbrella, towel, bathing suit, flip flops, sunglasses, chewing gums… But we add or take out things depending on each trip.


You might laugh at Mary Poppin’s magic bag! But it all fits in our hand luggage (grandma included hehehe)!

  • If you could only choose one destination, which one do you recommend?

Each destination that we have travelled to together has been an unique experience and unrepeatable, especially because our goal is not to only travel, but also to share culinary experiences and new flavours (especially with other grandmothers). Whenever we get the chance, we go into the kitchen of the places we visit to learn new delicious recipes and listen to stories of local people.


Well, of course we have our tourist time, for example, we can say that we loved Prague (Czech Republic) because we got a 50% discount for seniors plus a companion at the National Theatre at the Opera, Ballet and Drama performances.


  • With whom do you like to travel: solo, in a couple, with friends, family …?

Grandma and granddaughter always go together, but on every trip friends and family join us depending on the destination. These ingredients make the perfect recipe for good homemade food anywhere in the world.

  • What has been the worst travel experience you’ve had?

To be honest, we have not had bad experiences to remember because people always like Grandma (everyone wants to meet her and take some photos with her). In addition, Sita always says that “you can take something good, even from the worst situation” so from any experience, good or bad, we always learn something and laugh at ourselves.

  • What must a trip have to make it perfect for you (art, nature, music, shopping …)?

Cooking and walking around the streets is the best way to know the flavours and the locals, that is our priority. But if you can add to all this art, music and nature when you are in good company, well we have the best ingredients for a trip full of great moments. The important thing is to be healthy (“and not lacking in health” as grandma says).


We also really like wine tourism, because in our meals there is always a good glass of wine. Well, as Sita says “with bread and wine you make the journey”. So, whenever we can, we visit the wineries in each region as we already did in the “Vinho Verde Route” (literally, “green wine”), in northwest Portugal. It was amazing.

  • What is your traveller’s dream which has not yet come true?

We’d love to cross the pond and to travel around “America”, we are from Galicia so I guess it´s in our blood. Well, we want to know in person the authentic flavours of traditional family recipes and, of course, the greatest American wines, charming villages, lively big cities, spectacular landscapes…


In summary, we think that the American continent, from north to south, it would be a delicious adventure and an extraordinary experience for Sita & Nena.

  • Do you like to have your trips well planned or do you improvise along the way?

To be honest, I am more organised when it comes to flight tickets or bookings, while Grandma likes to connect with local people and go with the flow by their suggestions. But when we are on the road, walking around the streets…Improvisation is the key.


Delicious homemade food and flavours are our guide, also the great tips from locals and other travellers that we meet on the road. Additionally Sita has a very good nose, it never fails.

  • What do you like most about being a travel blogger? And what do you least like?

Well, we like everything so far. We are learning a lot about social networks and our fellow travel bloggers are always willing to help. Then, “step by step” we are shaping Sita & Nena. Always with tons of enthusiasm, a sense of humour, and the desire to continue sharing our love of cooking and travel with others (in English and Spanish).

We do our best to show a bit of our creative homemade food (recipes) and interesting stories with our “you learn something new everyday…” posts.

  • Have you ever had a disappointment by traveling? And any unexpected discovery?

Destinations are always discoveries, because every place has something unique and we follow the saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, it is great for getting you out of any tricky situations.


One time in La Mancha, we discovered the windmills (located on a hill of the village Mota del Cuervo) on our way to the awesome Castle of Belmonte (southwest of Cuenca, Castilla-La Mancha). It was great! Such a literary adventure travelling around the typical plains of La Mancha (with Cervantes’ permission of course).


In addition, there’s the advantage of travelling with Sita who is an older lady with tons of experience and patience. My grandma’s quote “the best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain. No problem, it’s going to stop at some point”, she’s right.

  • What are your reasons for choosing a destination?

Our destinations are based on a meeting with friends and / or family around a table, enjoying a good meal. To be able to cook for our people, learn different recipes, taste new flavours and discover beautiful places are the ingredients that we look for in each destination.

  • What encourages you to travel?

Collecting flavours, family stories and memories is motivation enough. We realise that homemade cuisine is a delicious universal language, so visiting the traditional markets, family restaurants, taverns and grandmothers’ kitchens are our goals. As Sita says herself it’s “now or never” and we take every opportunity to learn about new destinations and connect with people through the cuisine.


And as we are just beginning, meetings with family and friends are great motivation. The strong bonds and memories that we create around the kitchen make the trips worth it.

  •  What do you say to all those people who say when you reveal the dates for your next destination “Again?, You are really living the good life!, You must be loaded with money?”


For us,  “Once you start cooking and travelling, you can’t stop ”. If you don’t travel, it is because you don’t want to. It’s a matter of priorities.

  •  Finally, tell us:

 1. CITY:

*Prague / Czech Republic. (Grandma Sita)


*Barcelona, Catalonia / Spain. (Nena)



*Moledo beach, Caminha / Portugal. (Grandma Sita)


*Brighton shingle beach / United Kingdom. (Nena)



*Pottery Museum, Barcelos / Portugal. (Grandma Sita)


*Santiago de Compostela Cathedral Museum, Galicia / Spain. (Nena)



*Aeroplane. (Grandma Sita)


*Motor-home. (Nena)


5. MEAL:

*Pisto manchego with quinoa, one of our latest creations. (Grandma Sita)


*Our original frushi: fruit sushi + rice pudding. (Nena)



*Deep gorges of Cuenca, La Mancha / Spain. (Grandma Sita)


*Stonehenge, England / United Kingdom. (Nena)




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