Materiale Centralen, One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Materiale Centralen, One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Did you know that you can make your own belt from old bicycle parts? Grandma Sita joined 100% Upcycled Bike Belts Workshop at Materiale Centralen in Valby, Cophenaguen. “Bike belts” not only looks cool but also reduces a bike tire go into landfils! 👉Check Facebook page for upcoming events / workshops @materialecentralen

Grandma Sita always teaches- recycling turns things into other things, which is like magic! We know it is important to recycle, but not always we know how these processes actually work and who is the middle guy? We have found out that there is such hero in town, and it is Materiale Centralen which works as network to connect people and resources to make the common trash into treasure.

Materiale Centralen, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 

Material Upcycling. Design studio. Workshops. Environmental designers team. Sustainable solutions 100% UP!cycled 💯🆙♻ Check more info about Materiale Centralen here ➡️

Materiale Centralen – Valby // Valgårdsvej 2, 2500 Valby København, c/o Kraftwerket – 1st floor


  • What they stand for

Materiale Centralen is an association that plays the role of a medium between recycling centers and a wider public of stakeholders that combines private creative artists or designers, small companies, public institutions and projects for public development. They want to give an extra push to the common existing knowledge about sustainability, recycling and upcycling. Materiale Centralen wants to be an association that other projects are willing to collaborate with to spread an educational message about sustainable living and reusability.

  • Bringing the experience

They believe that Materiale Centralen best customer is the one that pays for the experience and not only for the materials. And they would like the best customers to understand the philosophy behind Materiale Centralen and bring this concept further in their own project for example promotion where the materials are from, what is the story behind and providing suggestions for other future projects that are willing to use recycled materials.

  • The mission and vision 

The role of Materiale Centralen is to be the mediator between the recycling center materials fractions and stakeholders, with the mission of converting low-value materials into high-value products. Their vision is to create a green supply chain with a solid material flow where waste is not considered as common trash anymore but as precious raw material still valuable and full of potential to create and design innovative products. In this way, Materiale Centralen believe that the output of society can be reintegrated and where all the resources are optimized, and nothing is lost.


The Materiale Centralen main challenge is about making people aware of a number of materials wasted in the actual consumption monetary system.

We would like to make people more sensitive about the quantity of energy, time and human/environmental resources invested during the industrial production process. We want to be a pilot project for future ways of recycling and offer a new type of waste management not only in Denmark but internationally. We want to make a model that can be applied globally.



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