MENESTRA // Dolores & Itoitz

MENESTRA // Dolores & Itoitz

GRANDMA: Dolores & GRANDCHILD: Itoitz. 
Tudela – Spain. 

  • INGREDIENTS: Plant-based recipe💚

White asparagus
Green beans
Green peas
Itoitz’s notes: We always use fresh vegetables from our garden but we can enjoy this healthy and tasty dish whenever we want to using frozen vegetables.
Olive oil
Wheat Flour
2 Eggs
Itoitz’s note: We can do it completely vegetarian adding some nuts instead of the ham cubes.


1. Cook all the vegetables (Asparagus, Artichokes, Green beans and Green peas) separately.
2. Keep the boiled water for the end.
3. Cook 2 eggs.
4. Add 1 flour teaspoon to a pan already warm with olive oil.
5. Saute the ham cubes in the pan during aprox. 3 minutes.
6. Pour olive oil in a big antiadherent pot.
7. Add the boiled artichokes (cut in two pieces), the green peas , the green beans and some olive oil from the pan into the pot and some ham cubes too.
8. Add asparagus (not their head that we put at the end).
9. Add the rest of the ham cubes, asparagus’ heads and the boiled water we kept at the beginning.
10. Finish cutting the boiled eggs to decorate our vegetable salad.
Itoitz’s note: We can decorate menestra in many ways, traditionally at home we make this figure with the asparagus. You can always be creative!

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