MIGAS // Fina & Irene

MIGAS // Fina & Irene

LOCATION: Elche – Spain.

Irene’ s note: Actually we are neighbors, not relatives.

  • INGREDIENTS: Plant-based recipe💚

1 tablespoon of salt
1 loaf of bread
½ cup of olive oil
4 garlic cloves
Red pepper, to taste (optional)
Chorizo, to taste (optional)
Bacon, to taste (optional)
Irene’s note: Add more red pepper or veggie chorizo, veggie bacon for the vegan option.


1. Put the bread to soak in water until fluffy and and drain it well before adding to the pan.
2. Heat olive oil in a saucepan. Sauté and stir chopped garlic for several minutes.
3. Add the soaked bread.

4. Stir it all the time over a low heat for a few hours, until browned or up to you.
Irene’s note: tons of patience.
5. Add chopped chorizo, chopped bacon and red pepper into cubes.
Irene’s note: whatever you want if they are to cook savoury migas.
6. Stir everything for a while, then migas are ready to eat.

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