Sita & Nena arose from a passion of cooking from scratch, preventing food waste, promoting the consumption of seasonal fresh food from local producers and a desire to celebrate the diversity of gastronomic cultural heritage.


  • Wasted food, wherever it comes from, is a waste of resources.
  • Loneliness, lack of intergenerational connection:
    • The aging of the world’s population.
    • Technological isolation of young people. 


  • Preventing food waste by:
    • Eating foods that are locally produced and in season.
    • Cooking from scrach 
    • Making better use of leftovers.
  • Promoting activities in shared spaces, encoranging maintenance of bonds between generations.



Food brings people together and is important in our intergenerational relationships. The exchange of different recipes introduces us to new flavours, new smells, new skills, different people, different cultures in which elders and youngsters learn from each other.

The key is respecting the value of food without only remaining in the past, but progressing together by the promotion of respect, solidarity and multiculturalism.  



Food provides an important link to our cultural heritage. Food knowledge is meant to be exchanged and shared with family and friends. Grandma Sita is like other grandmothers, who are teaching grandchildren how to cultivate native plants in their own garden, buy fresh food at the local market, teach common methods of food preservation, …




At Sita & Nena, we want to inspire the consideration of circular economy, by utilizing grandmother’s practices to create a sustainable lifestyle, complied with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).