• FAMILY RECIPE: Gazpachos manchegos (stew with flatbread)It is a traditional dish from La Mancha, Spain.
  • GRANDPA: Paco.
    • Who taught you how to cook? Self-taught.
    • What is your favourite homemade food? Spaguetti with tomato sauce.
  • LOCATION (Google maps): Caudete, La Mancha – Spain


Follow Iris into her Grandpa Paco’s kitchen where she learns step by step the recipe of this delicious gazpachos Manchegos. Long live home cooking!

  • INGREDIENTS *vegan version: “Widower gazpachos manchegos”

Olive oil, to sauté
Water, to make gazpachos broth
Note by Grandpa Paco: Widower gazpachos manchegos is the name of the vegetarian / vegan recipe, that’s meant use different kind of veggies (spinach, potatoes, peppers, etc) instead of different kind of meats.
1 onion
2 ripe tomatoes
4 garlic cloves


400g of rabbit
400g of chicken
Snails, to taste (optional)
Note by Grandpa Paco: Also cook it with ¼ of pigeon.
A couple of bay leaves
Sweet paprika
Spices from the area: rosemary, thyme and clove
2 big tortas cenceñas (serves 4)


Note by Grandpa Paco: Tortas cenceñas is a kind of flatbread. You can use popular Mexican tortillas instead of tortas cenceñas. It’s easy to find Mexican tortillas almost everywhere. In this case, cut one whole Mexican tortilla in small pieces per person.


1. Cut all the different kind of meat in medium pieces, add salt to the meat pieces. Fry them in a big pan, paella pan style, with olive oil. Add garlic, snails and bay leaves. Mix it well for a while until brown the meat.
2. Pour water into the pan and cover the meat, two fingers above. Boil half an hour until the meat is cooked. Switch off the heat and let there for a while. Take out the pieces of meat and keep the meat stock in a big bowl.
3. Grate the tomatoes. Chop the onion. Wash and chop the mushrooms. Fry everything in a big pan. Add salt, paprika and species from the area.
4. Cut one torta with your hands into small pieces.


5. Add the small pieces into the pan.


6. Mix and fry them well with the veggies for a while.


Note by Grandpa Paco: Keep one whole torta to serve with the gazpachos at the end. You can buy the torta already into small pieces in La Mancha grocery stores.
7. Add the meat stock and boil it around 10 minutes, stir occasionally to prevent sticking.


Notes by Grandpa Paco: It should be moist and not soggy. That’s the idea.

8. A couple of minutes before evaporate the stock, add the pieces of meat and mix well once. Then the gazpachos are ready to serve.
9. Serve the gazpachos on a torta in the middle of the table or serve them in plates with a piece of torta per person.
Note by Grandpa Paco: Traditionally the gazpachos have served with a torta in the middle of the table. No cutlery, people used cut the pieces of torta and eat the gazpachos with the hand.



  • To prepare the gazpachos manchegos /Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia/ perhaps the most well-known, the torta de gazpacho is cut into pieces and mixed with a quail-based stew; pigeon, hare or rabbit may be added or used instead. It is a very common dish in La Mancha area. The stew is usually condimented with bay leaves, garlic and thyme.
  • There are ways of preparing torta de gazpacho-based dishes without meat. In ancient times when meat or game was scarce, gazpachos were prepared with a vegetable stew. The main ingredient of the stew were seasonal vegetables, like zucchini, bell pepper and eggplant, especially in the comarcas of the Region of Murcia. In La Mancha, a much less fertile region, bladder campion (Silene vulgaris) leaves were used for the stew instead of the meat.
  • Torta de gazpacho is a type of torta, or flat bread, used to prepare a dish called gazpacho in La Mancha and Southeast Spain, including Murcia and parts of the autonomous community of Valencian.


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