• FAMILY RECIPE: Mediterranean style veggie cold soup.
  • GRANDMA: Chrystalla.
    • Who taught you how to cook? My mother.
  • GRANDSON: Christos.
    Note by Christos: Chrystalla is my mother’s mother. We were cooking in the kitchen I was raised, since a baby.
  • What is your favourite homemade food? All my grandma’s recipes.
  • LOCATION (Google maps): Nicosia – Cyprus


Follow Christos into his Grandma Chrystalla’s kitchen where he learns step by step the recipe of this delicious Mediterranean cold soup. Long live home cooking!

  • INGREDIENTS *vegan recipe

A bunch of stalks of celery, to taste
10 ripe tomatoes
3 cucumbers
3 onions
3 green peppers
3 carrots
A splash of extra virgin olive oil
A splash of cold water
A splash of vinegar (optional)

Salt, to taste
Black pepper, to taste
Paprika, to taste
Cumin, to taste
Turmeric, to taste
Note by Christos: Our recipe of Mediterranean cold soup is basically a gazpacho. Gazpacho is all Greek. Even the word gazpacho derives from the ancient Greek κασπαχιο, from “κάσια” [box] and “πάχνη” (morning dew that you can find on tree leaves in the mornings, which is refreshing). It’s basically a container of morning, vegetable freshness. So poetic these ancient Greeks.


1. Wash the vegetables well. Cut the head of celery, chop the stalks. Peel and chop carrots, cucumbers, onions, green peppers and tomatoes.


2. Put the chopped veggies into bowls.


Note by Christos: Put the tomatoes in a bowl with cold water, that way it is easy to remove the skin.

3. Toss the chopped vegetables one by one into the bowl of a food processor and pulse 30 seconds, or until it forms a fine pulp texture.

4. Pour them one by one in a big bowl, add a generous splash of extra virgin olive oil and a splash of vinegar.
5. Mix it with the spoon and at the same time gradually add water, if you need it. Add salt and black pepper. Spice with cumin, paprika and turmeric, to taste.

6. Fill carefully bottles with the soup and keep them fresh into the fridge.

Note by Christos: We made Mediterranean cold soup for the entire family!



Celery is a marshland plant variety in the family Apiaceae, has been cultivated as a vegetable since antiquity. Depending on location and cultivar, either its stalks, leaves, or hypocotyl are eaten and used in cooking. Celery seed is also used as a spice; its extracts are used in medicines.

Celery is eaten around the world as a vegetable. In North America the crisp petiole (leaf stalk) is used. In Europe the hypocotyl is used as a root vegetable. The leaves are strongly flavoured and are used less often, either as a flavouring in soups and stews or as a dried herb.

First attested in English in 1664, the word “celery” derives from the French céleri, in turn from Italian seleri, the plural of selero, which comes from Late Latin selinon, the latinisation of the Greek σέλινον (selinon), “parsley”. The earliest attested form of the word is the Mycenaean Greek se-ri-no, written in Linear B syllabic script. |






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