Projects DK 🇩🇰 

If adopting a zero-waste lifestyle ♻️ has the power to save the environment 💚🌎 We’d think everyone would be inspired to give it a try! Here are some of our projects we are working on at the moment, so dig in and see what this is all about! 

Seasonal Fruit & Veggie Calendar

🇩🇰 🍓🥬🍒🥔🍎

The food calendar is designed to show the importance of choosing seasonal and local produce in Denmark with the aim to reduce food waste and inspire to keep traditional Danish vegetarian recipes from Frøken Jensens Kogebog that dates back to 1901, alive.

Events: Zero-waste Community Meals🌱♻️

It is about making a difference for fighting food waste, enjoying a plant-based meal together and raise money for more community benefits – all at the same time!

Sita & Nena, DISIE and FoodSharing Copenhagen start taking a bite out of food waste at workplace with a  community plant-based lunch, soup and salad twice a week.

On Sundays, seasonal tapas brunch at One Bowl, a plant-based non-profit community restaurant based on gift economy “pay-as-you-feel”.

Mobile Game 📱 Eat the pair🍽️

“Eat the pair” is a memory matching mobile game to teach Danish traditional food and support local businesses. Technically suported by HackYourFuture Copenhagen, a non-profit coding school for disadvantaged groups.

Guide to CPH Green Scene 🏘️💚

A guide made to create awareness of sustainable living in Copenhagen by recognizing and promoting green local projects.

  • Get informed with Grandma Sita, Copenhagen’s most charming journalist 😉 

Workshops: Cooking with Leftovers 🥖🍞

Let’s turn leftover BREAD into three delicious meals with our cooking challenge workshop!

  • 🌱 Plant-based and vegetarian recipes by Sita & Nena, designed depending on what is on season.

Upcycled Aprons from Textile Waste 👕👖♻️

Grandma Sita is wearing her upcycled fashion apron 😍 made by  WAIR, is a waste-free fashion startup that upcycle unwanted textiles
into really cool shoes.
➡️More info  @sustainablewair



TV Cooking Show 📺👵

You already know that Grandma Sita loves to be creative and prevents food waste by cooking vegetarian meals from seasonal ingredients from local producers 🇩🇰🥔🥕🍎🚜.

We cannot wait to tell you more about this sustainable food culture project!

Radio Show 🎙️🎼

“Tasting the world” 🌎 is a multicultural radio show to enjoy yummy tunes of food from around the globe, broadcasting at Depot CPH, a surplus food cafe & radio station designed to promote community driven sustainability.➡️More info @depot.cph