social vanilla, responsible taste

social vanilla, responsible taste

♻️🤝 How about bringing responsible taste to your table? Grandma Sita loves yummy Social Vanilla beans in her delicious vegan cakes. Vanilla is a fruit that grows on an orchid. Let’s find out more about this aromatic fruit. 

💪 Vanilla beans are rich in potassium and contain an abundant amount of calcium and magnesium. Vanilla has fewer calories and carbohydrates than sugar, it can be used to reduce your sugar intake.
👩‍🍳 Vanillin is what gives vanilla the deep round aroma, that makes our cake and ice cream explode with flavour. The vanillin is hidden in the shell of the vanilla bean. The seeds are those small black dots in your cake and ice cream, that create those beautiful black sparkles.
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➡️ Social Vanilla is a Danish company selling premium Ugandan vanilla and working to make the vanilla business sustainable for small-scale farmers. Find more information on prices, quantities and delivery terms here. 👉

Grandma Sita loves using Social Vanilla products in her vegan cakes 😋

🚜 Vanilla orchids are most comfortable in hot and humid climates. That is why countries like Madagascar, Mexico, Tahiti, Tanzania and Uganda grow the most vanilla.
🌎 The vanilla orchid is fragile and needs support and shade from other trees, such as banana palms or nut trees. Therefore a positive side-effect of vanilla production can increase biodiversity, and the cultivation method allows the farmers to grow more crops and add additional sources of income.
🛒 The vanilla you eat should not only taste good but also do good for the people who grow and work with it. Keep your eyes out for ethical labels on the packaging that guarantee a sustainable supply chain where vanilla beans are purely organic and derived from a plant. 


Vanillin For centuries vanilla has been used as a genuinely medicinal food that is especially powerful as it has properties that enhance the brain and moods through its provision of vitamins and minerals.

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