Three Course Meal with STRAWBERRY // Frøken Jensen

Three Course Meal with STRAWBERRY // Frøken Jensen
  • COOKING CHALLENGE! Three Course Meal with Strawberry (Jordbær), actually four 🍓😍🍓 Vegetarian recipes💚 by Frøken Jensen.
    • 📖 Frk. Jensens Kogebog (Miss Jensen’s Cookbook), 1901 – 1st ed., Gyldendal – Denmark’s oldest publisher. 




  • INGREDIENTS // 4 portions 

1kg strawberries
Salad dressings or marinades:
1) syrup of 119 sugar, 70ml water, lemon juice, and possibly vanilla or sherry (liqueur)
2) mayonnaise flavored with lemon juice, vanilla and added whipped cream (No. V)
3) sour cream (No. VIII)
4) mild salad dressing (No. VII) 80 separately)
6) crème fraîche
5 ) raw cream (the cream can possibly be served)


Fruit salad can be made from all kinds of raw or cooked fruit, preferably several different fruits together so that sour fruit is supplemented with sweeter.  Nuts or almonds can be added.

1.The fruit (strawberries) is cut out, and possibly cores and obstacles are removed. 
2. The fruit can simply be sprinkled with a little sugar and dripped with lemon juice, wine or liqueur or you can use one of the salad dressings or marinades.
3. Fruit salad served ice-cooled.




  • INGREDIENTS // 4 portions 

2 kg strawberries
4-5 dl water
½ dl sugar approx.
2–3 tbsp potato flour 


1. The  strawberries are rinsed and boiled just tender in the water, before they are flavored with sugar.
2. The potato flour is added. Vanilla can be added.
3. The porridge is served as red porridge. Served with milk or cream. 




  • INGREDIENTS // 4 portions 

¾ – 1 kg strawberries, approx.
¾ ml water, approx.
1 dl sugar

Sherry or white wine (optional).


Some of the finest Strawberries are taken off, sprinkled with sugar and soak for a few hours.

1. Strawberries are passed through a sieve or mashed in a blender, mixed with the water, sweetened.
2. Sweetened and stirred a bit with a splash of wine (optional).
3. Serve the soup with with fresh strawberries and Tvebakker or Rugbrød (Danish Rye Bread).


  • INGREDIENTS // 4 portions 

500ml Buttermilk 
1.5dl Ymer (Danish soured milk product)
1 tbsp Sugar
½ Vanilla bean
0.5dl Vanilla sauce
250g Strawberries


1. Scrape out the vanilla seeds from the vanilla bean. Mix the vanilla seeds with one tablespoon of sugar.
2. Whisk the vanilla seed together with Ymer.
3. Finally add the buttermilk and mix it well together. Flavor with lemon juice.
4. Keep the buttermilk soup in the fridge. 
5. Serve with fresh strawberries and Tvebakker or Rugbrød (Danish Rye Bread).

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