We are on a mission to share knowledge about sustainable food culture and to mitigate social isolation in our cooking workshops, while tackling the environmental impact on food waste in Denmark. 


  • Food waste is responsible for about 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Consumers are not entirely aware of the fact, that every product we save from waste, has a positive impact on our climate.
  • In Denmark alone, we waste 700.000 tons of food yearly – on that account Grandma Sita’s primary mission is to raise awareness about this concern while promoting sustainable and healthy lifestyle.


  • Our workshops are designed for cooking from scratch plant-based meals while working for a greater cause saving the world from food waste and spending quality time together. In addition to that, it will rouse a dialogue on climate change and inspire action.


  • Nothing can stop us from sharing Grandma Sitas know-how about sustainable cuisine – join us for an enjoyable experience online!



We invite you on a journey, where we will guide you to enjoy our authentic plant-based recipes by learning how to cook from scratch with local seasonal produce, food rescue, leftovers and upcycled foods. During the workshop, you’ll be sharing the session with a handful of other food lovers, so the workshop vibe is fun, interactive and friendly manner. Book onto one of our live digital workshops!


  • WHAT  
    • Plant-based recipes designed depending on what is on season.
    • Groups: 10 -12 people max. 
    • Duration: 1-hour and 30-minutes max.
    • Included: talk / tips on food waste, cooking session and games with surprises. 
    • Our classes are taught in English, Spanish and Danish.
  • WHERE   
    • At home, you will need a good internet connection on your laptop or smartphone and you will log into the session via Zoom.
  • HOW
    • Online workshops are suited to a per household basis. If you’re taking part with friends or family who live elsewhere, each household will need to book a place on the workshop.
    • Once you book at ✉️ we’ll send you a recipe guide and prep sheet: complete with shopping list, equipment needed and set-up tips. 
    • Each workshop will need supply food, we’ve got you covered whether via our partners or by your own.
    • The current COVID situation has made it hard to start the 2021 workshops, that’s why we are planning on demand basis.
    • Book a workshop at ✉️
    • Types of workshops below.


Create a more effective bonding and engagement between employees / colleagues. Our workshops serve as a magical ingredient for a high-performing team! 


Since we can’t gather for dinners, as usual, our online cooking activities are here to help you out! Join us on Fridays with your friends / family and get inspired by Grandma Sita’s sustainable recipes. Lots of fun is guaranteed!


Children workshops are supposed to be not only educational but also enjoyable. It’s almost never too early to build good food habits and get little foodies involved in the kitchen, especially with Grandma Sita’s yummy cuisine! 


Sustainable diets are defined as those diets with low environmental impacts that contribute to food and nutritional security and to healthy lives for present and future generations. These diets are protective and respectful of biodiversity and ecosystems, culturally acceptable, accessible, economically fair and affordable, are nutritionally adequate, safe, and healthy, and optimize natural and human resources.


Seasonal food refers to the times of year when the harvest or the flavour of a given type food is at its peak.

Local food is food that is produced within a short distance of where it is consumed, often accompanied by a social structure and supply chain different from the large-scale supermarket system. 


Food rescue is the practice of gleaning edible food that would otherwise go to waste from places such as grocery stores, produce markets facilities and distributing it to local food programs.


Leftovers are foods remaining unconsumed at the end of a meal which are eaten later.

Discover inventive ways to use up leftover bread with Grandma Sita’s recipes.


Upcycled foods
are made from ingredients that would otherwise have ended up in a food waste destination. The food waste destinations are when food ends up in places like incinerators, as animal feed, or in landfill.


A plant-based diet is a diet consisting mostly or entirely of plant-based foods. Plant-based foods are foods derived from plants (including vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, and fruits) with no animal-source foods. While a plant-based diet avoids or has limited animal products, it is not necessarily vegan.

➡️ What is plant based diet. Poster bellow made by Miljø- og FødevareministerietSpis Sundere DkHjerte Foreningen and Kost og Ernæringsforbundet.