Sita & Nena is a creative culinary adventure. This delicious journey has two travelers, Grandma Sita and her granddaughter Nena, who enjoy sharing time, knowledge and love in the kitchen, across the world.

The project arose from a love of home cooking, a desire to keep traditional family recipes alive and celebrate cultural culinary diversity. The main aim is to collect homemade recipes from across the globe, by cooking a traditional recipe with members of the family from different generations.

From Sita & Nena, we are very grateful to the families who open their homes to us, send us their delicious recipes and become part of our culinary community.

Through this virtual platform we will share family recipes, travel stories and much more about the delicious adventures of Sita & Nena, our bloggers. Let’s cook homemade food around the world!

Bon voyage & bon appetit!

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