Grandma Sita is a Copenhagen-based educational startup, inspiring to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle, in line with the SDGs, by practicing grandmother’s habits. We are changemakers, creating impact and awareness🌱


We all started somewhere. For us, this was a paid tribute to Elena’s beloved grandmother Rosita. That’s why we name us Grandma Sita, nickname of Rosita.

Elena from early childhood had spent time with her grandmother, who taught her about the importance of seasonal eating, cooking from scratch simply means to cook a meal without using a readymade mixture of ingredients, and in summary the true value of food.

And that’s why grandma’s food the best.


A practical and transformative motivation, identifying as a problem the loss of culinary heritage linked to food waste.

And in turn, an emotional motivation that seeks to recover the essence of shared spaces between different generations, through the love of homemade food, promoting healthy and sustainable habits.

Past, present and future are mixed at Grandma Sita as ingredients to cook delicious food. 


Grandma Sita is a cute hand puppet made from recycled materials. It has been designed by Elena and crafted by her mother, which means that it is 100% handmade with love.

Grandma Sita is from Vigo in Galicia, Northwest Spain. Galicia is part of Celtic nations, the similarities included green hilly landscape, Neolithic megaliths, legends and music.

She  is a passionate cook with a cheerful and very funny character. Because age is just a number, she is making the most of life after 50, active in social network to promote her way of living life. 


The way Grandma Sita and her generation have minimized their waste is very much about living a simple and minimalist life. Many of us grew up with our grandmothers, somehow they become our grand-influencers in our daily habits. 

Unfortunately, in recent years consumers are not entirely aware of the fact, that every product we save from waste, has a positive impact on our climate.

For that reason Grandma Sita’s lifestyle expect to empathize with the audience contributing to a better world for the next generations!


Zero-waste is about producing as little waste as possible. You can make some changes in daily live to produce little garbage following the 5 principles:

    • Refuse – Say no to the things you do not need.
    • Reduce – Cut down on what you need.
    • Reuse – Use things that you can use over and over again.
    • Recycle – It is a last resort, to send his things for recycling.
    • Root – Compost what can be composted.