We all started somewhere. For us, this was a paid tribute to Elena’s beloved grandmother Rosita. That’s why our name is Grandma Sita, short for Rosita. Grandma Sita is from Vigo in Galicia, North-west Spain.

From early childhood, Elena spent a long time with her grandmother, who taught her about the importance of seasonal eating and generally the true value of food.  Galicia is well-known for the traditional way of eating staple foods, called the Southern European Atlantic Diet, and for having a Celtic heritage, nowadays alive by folklore, oral traditions, music and dance.  

We truly believe that our grandmothers are CHANGEMAKERS contributing to a better world for the next generations.


Grandma Sita is a unique puppet made from recycled materials. It has been designed by Elena Jiménez Romero and crafted by her mother, which means that Grandma Sita is 100% handmade with love.

The way Grandma Sita and her generation have minimized their waste is very much about living a simple and minimalistic life.


Somehow our grandmothers become “grand influencers”, creating a positive impact on our lifestyle.

Unfortunately, in recent years consumers are not entirely aware of the fact, that every product we save from waste, has a positive impact on our climate.

An emotional motivation as well that seeks to recover the shared time between different generations, through the love for homemade food and promoting healthy and sustainable habits.

Past, present and future blend together in Grandma Sita’s sustainable living.

We’re always up for collaborations and new opportunities.
Please drop us a line ✉️ grandmasitadk@gmail.com


✉️ grandmasitadk@gmail.com

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