Forgotten Giants of Copenhagen, Denmark

Forgotten Giants of Copenhagen, Denmark

Have you ever looking for treasure hunting? Grandma Sita met two incredibly cute giants by following the treasure hunt in Copenhagen. The giants are actually made from scrap wood by the artist Thomas Dambo, who wanted to bring the story of the forgotten giants to little people πŸ˜‰

This giants tells a story of seven friends who used to live in forest and led a simple life, but they saw how the little people destroying the future in the name of civilization. That’s why they decided the to help the mankind to realise that there are more things than civilisation and all beings are one in the soul. So when the giants built the tower, the little people came to visit them, with a hope to see beyond forest and nature, that there will be a future for all. There are six Forgotten Giants sculptures in the western municipalities of Copenhagen. 

  • Hill Top Trine // Grandma Sita was resting on top of a little hill in Hvidovre, Copenhagen. She crawled into the palms of her hands and got a beautiful viewpoint overlooking AvedΓΈresletten. Hill Top Trine is named after one of the volunteers who worked on one of the other hidden giants. 

  • Sleeping Louis // Louis was taking a nap on a hill, covered in trees and nature, in a secret place in RΓΈdovre outside of Copenhagen. Grandma Sita crawled into his gaping mouth, and played inside him!

There are four more giants, named Teddy Friendly, Oscar Under the Bridge, Little Tilde and Thomas on the Mountain. Grandma Sita and her grandchild Nena are planning to visit them soon! Stay tuned πŸ™‚ 

Thomas Dambo is an artist/musician, who through his arts and creation, wants to inspire everyone to think trash as a treasure and resource for future. He aims to involve his surroundings through workshops or by helping people make their own small part of the big projects that he is working at. He with his local crew are making fun projects out of trash found from city recycling centers. Forgotten Giants is one of his many innovative projects but they are more than that. More about The Six Forgotten Giants 

This summer 2020, there will be 10 new troll sculptures in secret locations around Denmark with a treasure hunt map! The project is called β€œThe Journey to The Giant Troldefolkefest.”


Thomas Dambo born in Odense, Denmark in 1979. He is a danish artist/musician with a master in design, who works to create art and useful things of old thrown away materials. He aims to involve his surroundings through workshops or by helping people make their own small part of the big projects that he is working at. By doing this he hopes to inspire others to play with the worlds leftovers, see the possibilities and have fun. | Source:


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