GRØNT MARKED – the farmer’s market in Copenhagen

GRØNT MARKED – the farmer’s market in Copenhagen

Grandma Sita loves the Grønt Marked, which is a chance to be able to buy directly from the people who are growing and producing food around Copenhagen as well as a great opportunity to ask questions, get rid of doubts, and even get some recipe recommendations!

➡️ Grønt Marked is a community project that supports small-scale producers and farmers in Denmark and Skåne (Sweden) by organizing local farmers’ markets. The key focus of the markets is local, seasonal, and sustainable produce. That is why at the market stalls you will always find the prods and farmers themselves. Meet the producers here 👉

♻️ The key focus of the markets is local, seasonal, and sustainable produce. Win-win!

The Grønt Marked was born in 2019, on a small island called Refshaleøen in Copenhagen. In 2022, for the very first time, the market is embarking on new adventures as it expands into new areas of the city.

👩‍🌾👨‍🌾 Visit the Grønt Marked: 

📍 Refshaleøen by Lille Bakery. First Sunday of every month (since 2019).
📍 Vesterbro at Litauens Plads. Second Sunday of every month (since 2022).
📍 Nørrebro at Guldberg Byplads. Third Sunday of every month (since 2022).
📅 All markets are 10.00 – 15.00 from May to December (Christmas Market included).

🤓 Read more about it here 👉


🚜💚🌎 Why farmers’ markets? The future of local food, learn more about their global impact:

The produce at farmers’ markets already cut down on packaging waste by being free of those pesky plastic ID stickers and plastic packaging. You will, however, need to bring your own bags

Another way that farmers’ markets prevent waste is by selling produce that is less than perfect, aka ugly produce due to imperfections in shape, size and color although have no less nutritional value.

Many farmers’ markets have become low-waste events that offer to recycle and compost. A lot of these markets are boasting waste diversion rates of over 95 percent.

Behind a great farmers’ market is an amazing team. We want to give a huge shoutout to volunteers all over the world who is a critical part of what makes this market run.

For young and beginning farmers direct marketing through farmers’ markets make up the majority of their income.

Products from your farmer’s market go through just a few hands, the farmer’s and yours, before reaching your plate.

Farmers’ markets are important for food access. During the COVID19 pandemic, farmers’ markets sprung up to reach those who were unable or unwilling to travel to the large wet markets


🎉🎉🎉 Visit your farmers’ market and celebrate the first International Farmers Market Week, August 7 – 13, 2022. Read more about World Farmers Markets Coalition here 👉


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