Naturlig Blomst – organic flowers

Naturlig Blomst – organic flowers

♻️💐 Grandma Sita wants to spoil herself with flowers, and always buys environmentally friendly ones. 💚 Supporting the small local florists with fresh organic flowers like Naturlig Blomst that pop up every Sunday in Grønt Marked/Farmers Market, Copenhagen. 👩‍🌾

➡ Naturlig Blomst is an organic farm located in Præstø, Denmark and is part of Brancheforeningen for Økologiske Blomsterproducenter/trade association for organic flower producers.

✅ Brancheforeningen for Økologiske Blomsterproducenter works to promote the production, knowledge and sale of organic flowers in Denmark.

📢 The majority of the flowers you see in other shops have been flown or driven across the country’s borders. Keep in mind, just because a store is local doesn’t mean their flowers are. Ask your florist if their flowers are locally sourced.

🤔 What are sustainable flowers? Flowers are grown with minimal pesticides and fertilizers to protect the land, workers, and all who touch flowers.

🌎 Buying the production of unsprayed locally grown organic flowers, reduces carbon emissions, supports the local economy, and gives you beautiful bouquets that last longer. Win-win! 

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