WeFood, Denmark’s first-ever surplus food supermarket

WeFood, Denmark’s first-ever surplus food supermarket

♻️🛒 Grandma Sita usually goes shopping to WeFood surplus supermarket close by her house in Copenhague, Denmark. Today, she rescued flour, bread and cookies. 🥖🍪🤩 

➡️ Wefood sells goods that regular supermarkets can no longer sell due to overdue ‘best before’ dates, incorrect labels or damaged packaging. The products found in Wefood are still edible and safe to consume according to the Danish food legislation, but have simply lost their value to the partner donating them.

Wefood’s range of products varies from day to day depending on the donations on each particular day. It is mainly food products sold at a significant discount of 30-50% of the market price. Find more about it 👉 danchurchaid.org

🤗 Unlike similar surplus supermarkets around Europe, Wefood is for everyone; whether you want to support the fight against famine, stop food waste or simply want to save money on your groceries. The project’s overall aspiration is to benefit consumers, impoverished countries and the environment. Win-win!

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Grandma Sita’s plant-based cookies are quick and easy to make and fun to do with kids. Moreover, they are a great way to use some of the leftovers in your cupboard. So get out the cookie cutters and sprinkles and let’s get started.

👉Check out our cakes & treats plant-based recipes. Grandma Sita’s sustainable cuisine, always tasty and cooked from scratch with lots of love. 💚

 Grandma Sita’s easy-peasy plant-based cookies from leftovers.


DanChurchAid’s aim with Wefood is to reduce the amount of food waste in Denmark and to raise money for the organisation’s work in developing nations. The profits contribute to DanChurchAid’s projects providing emergency aid and social protection schemes as well as projects promoting agro-ecological production. 

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