Foodsharing Copenhagen, sharing is caring

Foodsharing Copenhagen, sharing is caring

Grandma Sita is sharing her time and knowledge to prevent food waste in Copenhagen. Here she is supporting @foodsharingcph 💚 one of Denmark’s largest anti-food waste organizations ♻️🇩🇰.

Foodsharing Copenhagen is an initiative, that raises awareness of the food waste and organizes food redistribution. It build communities where the sharing of food both nourishes and gathers people. At a time when the topic of food waste is a global issue, it aim to provide individuals and businesses alike with the agency, knowledge and means to act, share and care about food.

At Foodsharing Copenhagen, we work to distribute food that would otherwise be thrown away. We believe in a world where food is valued and is used to nourish people and bring them together. A world where foodsharing is part of our natural behaviour. Locally and globally.

The organisation was started in 2016, collecting and redistributing food surplus from various donors in Copenhagen, Denmark. The organisation focuses on redistributing surplus food though their weekly foodsharing events.

    • On Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays we collect surplus food from businesses, deliver it to the venues and share with hundreds of people. Weekly events take place in:
      • Karen Minde Kulturehus in Sydhavn on Wednesdays.
      • Osramhuset in Nørrebro on Saturdays.

To collect surplus food from businesses, deliver it to the venues and share with hundreds of people. It takes around 50 devoted volunteers to make one event happen. 

    • Special events: usually run these special pop up events for holidays and other special occasions where the volumes of food waste are often higher. We run them for Christmas, Easter and for special events around the city.
    • Volunteer dinners: Once a month Foodsharing Copenhagen runs our internal volunteer dinners, aimed at bringing our community together to prepare and eat together, share ideas, experiences and build a stronger community and just have a nice time.
    • Projects: always open to new ideas and projects, encourage any members of our community with an idea or the motivation to come and create their own projects, to help spread awareness of the issues, engage people and find creative ways to combat food waste in our society.

 👉Check Facebook page for more details @FoodsharingCopenhagen 


The Foodsharing Copenhagen movement was born when Yunity and projects from Germany met activists of Denmark in Copenhagen. Without much of a debate the idea of collecting food surplus and sharing with citizens unconditionally resonated with the activists and was adopted. Responsibilities between the activists divided and Foodsharing Copenhagen movement kick-started. Subsequently, with immense support from the residents, the first food sharing (sharepoint) location was established at Floating City, followed by Bioteket. Thus, began a great journey of a community that cares for sharing. A community that reaches out to citizens and businesses, raises awareness on food waste and leads by example on food waste prevention.


  • 600 registered volunteers.
  • One of the largest volunteer organisation in Denmark fighting against food waste.
  • Partnered with the largest fruit and vegetable (incl. bread and dry goods) wholesalers in the region.
  • Saved over 13000 tonnes in 2019 alone.
  • Nourished >16,000 people.
  • Weekly food distribution events, workshops and food waste campaigns.



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