Foodsharing Copenhagen, sharing is caring

Foodsharing Copenhagen, sharing is caring

 ♻️🍌🥦 Grandma Sita is sharing her time with Foodsharing Copenhagen, one of Denmark’s largest anti-food waste organizations. We believe in a world where food is valued and is used to nourish people and bring them together. 🌎

➡️ Foodsharing Copenhagen is an initiative, that raises awareness of food waste and organizes food redistribution. It builds communities where the sharing of food both nourishes and gathers people.

📅 The organisation focuses on redistributing surplus food collected from supermarkets & wholesalers through its weekly food-sharing events. Check the next one on Facebook 👉

🤝 Foodsharing Copenhagen community’s impact is made possible by volunteers who share their free time to collect food, set up and carry out the food sharing.

🤓 Find out more about it here. 👉

📢🇩🇰 Every year, 814,000 tons of food go into the trash in Denmark and cost Danish society DKK 8.4 billion, this also causes the emission of 1.8 million tonnes of CO2 due to food waste.

📊 The food waste comes from both producers and food companies, which account for a share of 55 per cent, it comes from consumers, who account for 30 per cent of Denmark’s total food waste and it comes from the service sector and retail, which accounts for 17 per cent. So it is everyone’s problem – and not just a problem at home with consumers.

🤓 Download the full report by ONE\THIRD here 👉


The Foodsharing Copenhagen movement was born when Yunity and projects from Germany met activists of Denmark in Copenhagen. The organisation was started in 2016, collecting and redistributing food surplus from various donors in Copenhagen.

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