Kaffe Bueno, unlocking coffee’s health potential. Bueno for You, Good for All

Kaffe Bueno, unlocking coffee’s health potential. Bueno for You, Good for All

Grandma Sita discover Kafflour®, gluten-free flour upcycled coffee flour by Kaffe Bueno, Copenhagen-base startup ♻️💚🇩🇰 Kafflour® is rich in insoluble dietary fibres and protein, low in fat. Mmm Kafflour®  is perfect to bake a new OCAKE 👍🍰😉

☕️ Coffee has many benefits, not only to help get us awake in early mornings. It is also more than a tool to make it until the end of the day, because coffee is a highly bioactive plant filled with antioxidants, fatty acids, diterpene esters, melanoidins, proteins, sugars, etc. all of which are beneficial for human health, skin and well-being. 



👉🏼 Kaffe Bueno vegan cake by Sita & Nena

Kaffe Bueno is an ingredients company using green chemistry and biotechnology to upcycle coffee’s post-consumption by-product into active and functional ingredients for cosmetics, nutraceuticals and functional foods 🧬☕️🔬 Unlocking Coffee’s Health Potential. Bueno for You, Good for All 🌎♻️

Our mission is to unlock coffee’s health potential where harmful emissions are minimised and coffee’s by-product usability is maximised. By extending coffee’s economical life, we will be able to give back to the people we owe its existence; farmers.

Kaffe Bueno’s products: Kaffe Bueno recycling service, Kaffe Bueno oil®, Kafflour®,  Kaffibre®.  

Our vision is to transform the way people perceive coffee; from looking at it as a tool to make it until the end of the day, to look at it as a magical bean with the potential of improving human health by using what lies inside it.


Kaffibre® is a proprietary upcycled cosmetic raw material developed and manufactured in Copenhagen, Denmark by Kaffe Bueno. It is derived from recycled coffee grounds, which are pretreated and defatted by Kaffe Bueno.
It acts as a natural exfoliating agent in personal care products, such as scrubs, masks, soaps and cleansers


1st upcycled cosmetic raw material, derived from spent coffee grounds. Coffee oil rich in linoleic and palmitic acids, polyphenols, tocopherols and diterpene esters – efficient for sun care, ageing treatments, wound-healing and anti-cellulite formulations. Filters light selectively, making it possible to brown skin whilst avoiding solar erythema, UVB. Promotes collagen and elastin production.


Kafflour® is an upcycled gluten-free flour derived from spent coffee grounds. It is caffeine-free, low in fat, rich in proteins, insoluble dietary fibres, and potassium. Kafflour® key applications are bakery & confectionery, pizza & pasta, and healthy snack bars.
This flour, derived from coffee, is suitable for gluten-free, high-fibre and high-protein recipes.
Baking with coffee? Sort of. Kafflour® flavour profile comprises of nutty and chocolate notes. Although it comes from coffee, its coffee taste is mostly gone along with the oil extracted priorly. It is much finer than coffee, as Kaffe Bueno further mills the defatted coffee grounds.


What is a coffee waste? In 2018, over 9 billion kilos of coffee were consumed worldwide. When you brew a cup of coffee, less than 1% of coffee’s health-enhancing compounds are utilized.
99% has been mistakenly treated as waste for centuries. In short, coffee waste is the coffee grounds remaining after your brew. This way is a by-product with fine particle size and high organic load. Its chemical composition is based on cellulose, hemicelluloses, proteins, lipids, polyphenols, minerals and different products formed by the Maillard reaction during the roasting process, such as melanoidins. These compounds have shown several biological activities, including anti-proliferative, antioxidants, and antimicrobial effects (Mariotti-Celis et al. 2017).

    • What impact does coffee waste have on environment? The 9 billion kilos of coffee consumed yearly worldwide is treated as waste, or is not properly disposed, being left decomposing in a landfill and generating tons of methane a day, a greenhouse gas 86x harmful for the environment than CO2. For every ton of coffee “waste” decomposed in a landfill, 340m3 of methane are released in the environment. The yearly environmental impact of coffee waste decomposition is equivalent to 9 million car emissions (!!!).

What is Kaffe Bueno doing about this? Kaffe Bueno’s mission is to better utilize coffee “waste”; that is to fully exploit its health properties in an environmentally friendly way. Spent Coffee Grounds are a valuable resource that has been wrongly treated as waste for centuries, until now.
Its potential is huge, and several studies have highlighted the opportunities associated with the use of SCG in food and cosmetics products, thanks to its high content of antioxidants and fatty acids that benefit health and skin(Bessada et al., 2018; Kourmentza et al., 2017; Scully et al, 2016; Martinez-Saez et al., 2016).
For every ton of coffee ground recycled, we avert the emissions of 340m3 of methane into the atmosphere. Not only do we extend the life of coffee, but we allow companies and people to benefit from its virtues for longer, all through a way that is Bueno for You, Good for All.

Source: kaffebueno.com


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