Ocean Bottle, reusable bottles that help save the ocean

Ocean Bottle, reusable bottles that help save the ocean

♻️🌊🤝 An easy way to reduce plastic? Taking your own bottle with you! Grandma Sita enjoys a cup of tea on her outdoor walks. Her new Ocean Bottle ensures the tea stays nice and hot even on a chilly day – and it keeps her drinks cool in summer. Win-win!

➡️ As a bonus, each Ocean Bottle funds the collection of 11.4kg of ocean-bound plastic, equivalent to 1000 plastic bottles. The plastic is collected by impoverished coastal communities – where plastic pollution is worst – who can exchange plastic waste for money or credit via blockchain technology to spend on tuition, tech goods, health care, and micro-finance.

And what is Ocean Bottle?

The bottles have been designed with K8 Design and picked up a Green Product and Red Dot Award since launching. Features include a dual opening to pour drinks and ice into and clean easily, hot and cold insulation, dishwasher proof, and an easy carry loop. Plus it’s fully recyclable and partly made from recycled ocean plastic. The ultimate weapon to pass on single-use plastic every day!

At Ocean Bottle we have a solution to the ocean plastic crisis that everyone can be a part of. We’re working to build a new currency for plastic waste, ridding the oceans of plastic and helping to reduce inequality at the same time.

Since launching in 2019 we have funded the collection of 835,548 kgs of ocean-bound plastic. Find more about it here 👉oceanbottle.co


The bottle comes embedded with an NFC-enabled smart-chip, which will allow owners to fund more plastic collection for free at the expense of partner retailers around the world, including cafes, gym chains, closed environments, and refill programs.

📷 & 🖋️ Words by @theroadbeneathmyfeet.

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