Postevand – Sustainable cardboard, 100% Danish groundwater

Postevand – Sustainable cardboard, 100% Danish groundwater

🌱💧 Grandma Sita is drinking Postevand water which is 100% Danish groundwater in environmentally friendly cartons of 95% bio-based materials. Win-win!

♻️🍶 Postevand water cardboard is made of 95% renewable bio-based materials.  A larger share of renewable materials means fewer materials of fossil fuels.

➡️ ‘Renewable’ means that the materials in the carton are from natural resources, which are naturally restored over a shorter period of time. Most Postevand cardboard is made from paper from trees, which are naturally restored over a shorter period of time, whereas plastic is made from oil which takes several generations to be restored in nature. ‘ Renewable’ also means less CO2 emissions compared to fossil fuel materials.

🛒 You can only buy Postevand water in Denmark at selected cultural institutions, coffee shops, restaurants, canteens, companies, shops, kiosks, venues, etc. It is waterworks water from Thise in Central Jutland. The location has been chosen for practical reasons in relation to production. Read more about it here 👉

🚰🇩🇰 Luckily in Denmark, you can drink tap water whenever you have the opportunity, as one of the few countries in the world, that can base almost all tap water on the extraction of untreated clean groundwater, which only undergoes oxygenation and filtration.

🌎 Managed correctly, groundwater provides a dependable and long-term supply of water for current and future generations. Groundwater can provide an essential buffer against droughts by providing additional water supplies in years when there is not enough rainfall or snow.

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Groundwater is formed when rain seeps from the surface, into the ground through the many layers of sand, gravel, clay and lime, where it accumulates as groundwater. This process causes the water to be supplied with naturally occurring minerals. In fact, most of the water sold under the trade name spring and mineral water also comes from groundwater, just like tap water.

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