SPISBAR’ – innovative solutions against food waste

SPISBAR’ – innovative solutions against food waste

Grandma Sita very much enjoyed being at SPISBAR’s first food waste conference organised by ONE\THIRD and meeting so many like-minded food lovers with a passion for fighting food waste in Denmark. 

🔝 Grandma Sita wants to make a special mention of companies/start-ups that were there and are making innovative solutions to combat food waste like Agrain by Circular Food TechnologyREDUCEDCasjuGlean – Plantbased ConfectioneryNextfoodHjaelpenKLS PurePrint A/SKanplaAmiNIC ApS and FOODOP.

➡️ The SPISBAR’ conference brings together stakeholders and actors in the fight against food waste across the value chain, in order to be able to share knowledge and ideas that can help how to promote innovation and ensure that more people benefit from new and existing solutions.

📢 One-third of all food produced globally is lost or wasted in the process from production to consumption. Food waste is an environmental, economic and ethical issue. Every year, food waste is responsible for 8% of the total greenhouse gases. In other words, the CO2 emission of food waste equals travelling around the world 261.254 times. ✈️
🇩🇰 In Denmark alone, we throw food out for DKK 8.4 billion every year.
🌎 It is possible to reduce waste and side streams that are in the food value chain with the help of innovative ideas and solutions. 💡🔬


And what is SPISBAR’ ⬇️
SPISBAR’ is a project from the think tank ONE \ THIRD, which will make existing, effective solutions for the reduction of food waste visible as well as identify and convey challenges where there is potential for the development of new solutions. Read more about it here 👉https://www.spisbar.info/

📷 by @theroadbeneathmyfeet, Kulturbyen and Transformerstationen.


In March 2019 a new think tank was established in Denmark. The think tank brings together research institutions, public authorities, companies and organisations to advance efforts to achieve SDG 12.3. The think tank accelerates the link between knowledge and real actions, mobilizes companies to take greater social responsibility, and together with the rest of Denmark provides a test environment for Food Loss and Waste interventions. More about it at ONE\THIRD

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