STEP-BY-STEP NATURAL DYEING GUIDE with food waste, avocado peels/pits

STEP-BY-STEP NATURAL DYEING GUIDE with food waste, avocado peels/pits

♻️ Did you know that dye with avocado peels/pits gets beautiful pink shades in textile fabric?  Grandma Sita puts together the step-by-step natural dyeing guide with food waste for you to try. 🙌

➡️ Natural dyes, made from food scraps like avocado peels/pits that would otherwise go composted or unused, suddenly inspire creative opportunities that reduce food waste.

❄️ The best way to collect food scraps is to freeze them, and then defrost them once you have the amount needed to dye.

👕🥑 You will need 6/8 units of avocado peels/pits to get beautiful pink tones on unwanted fabric like an old t-shirt, white or light coloured works best. More details are below. 



Grandma Sita brings a bit of sustainability to your life by making cool recycled aprons giving textile and food waste a new life. Win-win!

🌎 Saving the environment one apron at a time.

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📢 Up to 30 per cent of avocado fruit is currently wasted due to damage caused by testing during grading, with a further five per cent loss at retail.
📢 According to some studies, avocados are among the 3 crops causing more water stress in their region of production. UNESCO’s research shows that they have a global average water footprint of 1981 m3/ton.
📢 Fashion contributes to 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions.

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