7 ideas for using overripe bananas 🍌

7 ideas for using overripe bananas 🍌

Did you know that overripe bananas are a fantastic ingredient? Since they have more sugar than their green counterparts, they add a subtle sweetness to your cakes and other sweet treats. Grandma Sita has put together her best recipe ideas for you to try.

♻️ Why brown bananas don’t belong in the bin

When your bright yellow bananas have turned 50 shades of brown, your first urge might be to throw them out – STOP! Here’s why you shouldn’t.

  • First of all, they are usually perfectly fine underneath their browned peel. That’s what the peel is there for after all. And even if they are a bit mushy, they are still a useful ingredient.
  • Ripe bananas have high levels of antioxidants.
  • They are usually easier to digest.
  • Brown bananas can be used as a natural sweetener.
Grandma Sita's Banana Cake
Grandma Sita’s banana cake saves brown bananas from the bin.

💚 7 recipe ideas using overripe bananas

Grandma Sita is a big fan of brown bananas and loves using them in her popular vegan cakes since she then has to add less sugar. Win-win!

Here are seven suggestions for how you can save your ripe bananas from the bin and turn them into a tasty dish instead. 🍌

  1. Banana Bread – This one shouldn’t come as a surprise. Grandma Sita even has her very own recipe. Click here to go to Grandma Sita’s Banana Cake recipe.
  2. Banana Pancakes – Bananas are a great addition to your pancake batter. There’s a reason Jack Johnson dedicated a song to them.
  3. Banana Muffins – Why not bake muffins using overripe bananas? If you add oats, seeds, and a bit of cinnamon to the mix, you have breakfast on the go.
  4. Banana French Toast – A slightly naughty but oh-so-satisfying classic on the breakfast menu. If you want to make egg-less french toast, you can use brown bananas to make the batter. And although it’s called “toast”, it works great with other kinds of stale bread. Grandma Sita’s favourite is sourdough bread.
  5. Breakies – Grandma Sita’s own creation is using ripe bananas and leftover bread to bake bread cookies – a perfect in-between snack. Find the recipe here.
  6. Banana Icecream – Wait, what? Yes, ice cream. Or rather a nice cream. Next time your bananas turn a little too brown, freeze them and then put them in a food processor. Add a bit of plant-based milk and anything from frozen berries to cocoa powder to turn them into quick and easy ice cream.
  7. Banana Smoothie Bowl – Looking for something more filling than (n)ice cream? Blend the frozen bananas together with oats and a splash of plant milk to make a healthy smoothie bowl. Add other frozen fruit or even spinach for a different flavour. For extra crunch, top with seeds, granola, or cocoa nibs.

💡 Bonus: bananas can replace eggs

If you are an avid vegan baker, this is no news to you. Banana can replace eggs in some recipes and work especially great when you want to achieve a moist and fudgy result, e.g. brownies. They are not as strong as, for instance, flaxseed egg replacement and you should also keep in mind that your baked goods will have a subtle taste of banana.

To use banana as a substitute for eggs, replace one egg with one ripe, mashed or – even better – pureed banana.

📷 and 🖋️ words by @theroadbeneathmyfeet

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