Glean – the first vegan flødeboller on the market // upcycled food

Glean – the first vegan flødeboller on the market // upcycled food

🌱😋 Taste the first vegan flødeboller on the market like Grandma Sita, no one can resist eating them! Flødeboller by Glean are handmade and coated with the finest Belgian chocolate with a lightly baked marzipan base. 🤩👌

👩‍🍳 Glean uses the excess water from boiled chickpeas to make sumptuous and innovative confectionery. The chickpea water, which is also called aquafaba, can be whipped up in such a way that you achieve the same effect as whipped egg whites.

➡️ Glean is a Danish plant-based confectionery based on the circular economy, optimization of resource wastage, innovative thinking and challenging the conventional. Find more information on products and shops here. 🛒👉

🌱 Plant-based baking inspiration!

Grandma Sita loves cooked chickpeas because there is nothing to waste at all. Overall she matches the chickpeas with veggies in delicious salads/soups, use them to make homemade hummus and even bakes her yummy plant-based treats with aquafaba, the starchy liquid that chickpeas have been cooked in. Check out Grandma Sita’s post: What really makes aquafaba a magical ingredient

Aquafaba whips and creates a foam that can be used as a direct replacement for egg white. 


In Denmark, chocolate-coated treats were originally made using cream, hence the Danish name flødeboller (cream buns), but the filling was later made from egg whites to help industrialize production and improve shelf life. The popularity of flødeboller is evident from the sheer number of varieties, in fact, they are traditionally handed out in school by children on their birthdays. Denmark is one of the largest producers of chocolate-coated marshmallow treats, producing approximately 800 million of these every year. 

However, the chocolate-coated marshmallow treats were first produced and distributed by Viau in Montreal as early as 1901 and later came to the market in 1927. Whippets consist of a biscuit base topped with marshmallow-like filling and then coated in a hard shell of pure chocolate. Today, Whippets are still produced in Montreal at the east end of the Viau factory and they are currently available with both dark chocolate and milk chocolate coatings, and with several flavours of artificial fruit jam filling inside the marshmallow-like filling. | Source: wikipedia

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