Redcurrant (Ribs) // Season: Summer

Redcurrant (Ribs) // Season: Summer

Sweet sweet summertime couldn’t exist without the right balance of currant sourness too! These small brilliant ruby red berries are delicious when eaten fresh and have a bright acid kick to balance out their sweetness. What else can this little red berry offer?? 😍

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The redcurrant, or red currant (Ribes rubrum) is a member of the genus Ribes in the gooseberry family. It is native across Europe. The species is widely cultivated and has also escaped into the wild in many regions. // Wikipedia


Redcurrants are fat-free, low-calorie and packed with vitamin C – these berries have actually 4 TIMES MORE vitamin C than oranges do!


These cool-climate berry plants do well in northern regions. Plant them in a sheltered site, out of strong winds, and avoid frost pockets. Redcurrants do best in full sun, but will tolerate part shade. Although the fruits will ripen more quickly and taste sweeter if given some sun.


All across Denmark there are around 15 farms where you can choose and pick Redcurrants yourself!!

To find your nearby farm, please click below:

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It’s best to use them fresh in fruit salads, particularly berry mixes, or to garnish desserts with their pretty color. You can also make jams and jellies, preserves and pies. Redcurrants can be even used to make wine!! 


When shopping for fresh red currants, look for ones with good color and no soft spots or mold. Bring them home, refrigerate them and use them as soon as you can. They will last five to seven days. Don’t wash them until just before use. If fresh red currants are hard to find, you can substitute frozen red currants in recipes.


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